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Case Study with Stuart Clinton Property

Max Rayner and Alex Baker are the founders and directors of Stuart Clinton Property.

Stuart Clinton Property was started in 2017 where their they had a basic portfolio of HMOs. With the completion of their latest flagship property, Athens House marks a new direction for Max and Alex's business.

Both in their mid-20s, it's been a pleasure to see how they have evolved and how their life experiences have shaped their mission to invest in people through property. 

About the Project


Athens House was bought for £740,000 at auction; exchanging and completing in one day. Max and Alex secured finance in an impressive five days. You can read the story HERE in Bridging and Commercial. 

Bought with multiple exit options available, Max and Alex settled on transforming the run down ex-B&B turned student accomodation into a state-of-the-art care facility. The original plan was to sell, but with a turn of circumstances Max and Alex are now able to hold the property.


Athens House has been created for 11 young males with mental health disorders to live, and for their care providers to stay on site.  A far cry from the instiutions of the past, Athens House is a homely, safe place with the facilities to learn important life skills and build on social skills.  


The goal is for the property to act as a stepping stone toward more independant living in self contained apartments. 

Stuart Clinton Property aim to house 200 of the most vulnerable in the community by 2025.

Creating a Next Level HMO​

Max and Alex have spoken about whether Athens House is a Next Level HMO and agreed that the project is most definitely a next level property. It even fits with next level coliving, having been built on the foundations of a Next Level HMO; but ultimately it doesn't quite fit the definition. 

This is because Athens House is different. It uses the same footprint, and ideas of a Next Level HMO, but is much more due to the nature of the supported living and care element. 

Your Experience with The HMO Platform

With a knowledge base covering all aspects of property and different schemes, Max and Alex reached a point where they were ready to level up. Scale their business, their portfolio and their expertise.

Max says that the Mastermind gave him the confidence to do something as big as Athens House, the group pushing and encouraging was a gamechanger. 

"you feel like you're buying it with your little army behind you"

Max and Alex agree that doing the first few deals are the hardest bit, but once you've got your cookie-cutter model, you can go BIG. That applies to everyone in the group no matter what their goals or niche. 

They say that everyone on the Mastermind is able to assess deals and numbers, but what made the real difference was the speed of information that flowed. With access to architects, brokers, planners you don't find yourself losing days while you wait for an answer. Each individual doing the Mastermind has something to offer, whether that's a new idea, being a soundboard, or spotting potential issues. 

With this project especially, Max and Alex worked at break-neck speed. They found that getting the answers to their questions quickly was invaluable as well as having Matt availble at all hours to talk things through.

The HMO Platform is a community, and we have your back!

Stuart Clinton Property - Case Study
Purchase Price


Stuart Clinton Property - Case Study
Refurb Cost


Stuart Clinton Property - Case Study


Stuart Clinton Property - Case Study
End Value GDV


Stuart Clinton Property - Case Study


VALUATION: Valued at £1.22million

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