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NEXT LEVEL HMO® Growth Formula
Find out how you can become a Next Level Landlord

The Next Level HMO Growth Formula combines expert mentoring and support with in-depth learning modules. Together, they develop your understanding of what it takes to become a high-performing landlord and give you the tools for success. 


Our exclusive 12-month Mastermind programme will turn you into a Next Level Landlord.


To maintain momentum and keep you motivated, you’ll receive ongoing advice from your peers, mentors and even guest speakers during the programme.


Built with experienced landlords, investors and developers in mind, this interactive programme is perfect for anyone committed to building a strong portfolio of co-living developments. If you’re serious about diving into the Next Level HMO strategy, this programme will take your portfolio into the top 5% of properties in your area.

Our programme is ideal for:


  • Existing HMO landlords who want to level up

  • Buy-to-let landlords who want to introduce co-living into their portfolio

  • Those who have property experience but are missing crucial parts of the overall co-living picture

  • Those who have access to the capital to invest and make a difference in this industry

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Our Modules:
The Tenant F.I.R.S.T Methodology

Our modules are based around the Tenant F.I.R.S.T Methodology. Everything begins with the tenant, which is why Niall and I formulated Tenant First as the way to create suc-cessful Next Level HMOs and become Next Level Landlords.


There are five principles of this method and if you follow these in the correct order, you can massively increase the chances of your properties being full and lasting the test of time, giving you great income and return on your cash.

This is the basis for our 12-month training programme;  Next Level HMO Growth Formula. 

Below is a snapshot of what we will cover throughout our time together: 


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