Co-living: The Next Level HMO® Growth Formula

How to Survive & Thrive in any Market

Co-living: The Next Level HMO®

Growth Formula

This hyper-connected interactive workshop is designed for investors, developers, landlords and people in the property trades who want to build a resilient portfolio of Next Level HMOs and Co-living developments.


Created using real feedback from existing and aspiring property people, this workshop is designed to give you the tools you need to create highly profitable and high cash-flowing schemes, and complete them effectively and efficiently. 

Co-living: The Next Level HMO® Growth Formula is an 8 week, 12 module course that combines learning with interactive breakout and mastermind sessions.

What Will I Learn?

Module/ 01

HMO Basics & Design Your Ideal Coliving Business

We'll kickstart by introducing you to ourselves and business. You'll get a clear understanding of what a Next Level HMO is with the aim of getting us all on the same page by reviewing the HMO basics. We will then look at your business vision and create or tweak your mission.

Module/ 02

The Ideal HMO Location For Coliving

We look at the most important part of our business, where to invest. This is determined by the demand for our product - the tenants! We will introduce the Tenant-First Model and work out where to begin when finding where to invest.

Module/ 03

Planning Permissions: Maximising Residential Property

We will do an overview of the planning system and permitted development (PD). Then look at how we can maximise PD for houses before looking at how we can get HMOs through planning. We will also cover how article 4 directions can be a tool to help us get HMOs through planning.

Module/ 04

Planning Permissions: Commercial Coliving Conversion

This module focuses on the commercial PD rights, looking at planning use classes and how to maximise these types of properties. We will also look at full planning permissions for larger schemes.

Module/ 05

HMO Sourcing


This module looks at multiple methods to find properties. We will also look at how to create the killer hunting brief to get other people to do the work for you.

Module/ 06

Interactive Deal Analysis & Sourcing Clinic

This is the first of 2 completely interactive sessions. Bring potential deals to the table and we will go through them. We will also do some live sourcing with you the group too get you moving in the right direction

Module/ 07

Understanding HMO Finance

Here we delve into how to analyse deals. Trouble understanding commercial finance and commercial valuations? We will dive into these topics so that you fully understand how to work out and get your ideal end values.

Module/ 08

Raising Private Finance

How do we raise finance outside of the banks? We will spend this entire session focussing on the art of raising finance and introduce our tried and tested 5-step method.

Module/ 09

Building Works & Building Teams

Developments: your responsibilities. We'll show you how to sucessfully pull build costs together and show you who you need on your team and where to find them. We'll also cover basic project management.

Module/ 10

Interior Design for HMOs & Coliving

Our speciaist HMO interiors expert, Salla will lead this session on how to design your HMO to the Next Level with the end user in mind. This module will show you how to create a design that will keep your tenants for the long-term.

Module/ 11

Getting & Keeping The Best Tenants

Getting your tenants to stay and pay. We'll show you how to attract large amounts of tenants to your scheme and how to manage your properties effectively, whilst maximising profits.

Module/ 12

Systemising Your Coliving Business

Putting systems in place to ensure your properties profit now and into the future. Create your HMO KPIs and manage your cashflow and your responsibilities as a HMO landlord.


The Virtual Mastermind

This is our wrap up and final session where each member of the group gets focussed time to ask questions and create an action plan to set up for Next Level HMO success.

What Will I Get?


Coliving: The Next Level HMO® Growth Formula workshop will not only teach you how to successfully build a HMO portfolio you will understand advanced techniques that will ensure your properties are Next Level HMOs®.

Next Level HMOs are fundamentally designed to give you more profit and a greater return on your cash. 

Over the 8-week period, Matt and his team of guest experts will show you everything you need to know about Next Level HMOs® and Co-living developments, from sourcing and analysing deals, to managing all aspects of a development. 

You will have access to the membership area, where you will be able to see recordings of the modules and make use of all the materials, guides, calculators, videos, activities and more to guide you on your way. Revisit as often as you like. 


Join the exclusive 'Next Level HMO® Growth Formula' Facebook support group, where you can ask questions, connect with likeminded coliving developers and receive ongoing support from Matt and the team. 


Each week Matt will go through one to two modules at a time and then set an action plan for you to complete. This will ensure that you are taking what you've learnt and creating results.

The bonus session, your Virtual Mastermind, will be an opportunity for you to consolidate and create a strategy to take your business to the next level. 

Upcoming Dates

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21st April, 2020​
16th July, 2020

What else do I need to know?

Our next intake for Coliving: The Next Level HMO® Growth Formula is now open. The workshops will take place on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays for 8-weeks starting on Thursday 16th July

Sessions will start at 19:30

There are only 20 places available on Coliving: The Next Level HMO® Growth Formula and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 

Once registered you'll gain immediate access to the membership area. Here you will be able to revisit or catch up on the modules, so don't worry if you miss a session or two. 

Join the exclusive Next Level HMO® Growth Formula Facebook support group, where you can ask questions and receive ongoing support. 

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What Our Clients Say

"Great workshop, very much enjoyed it. Mary and I are up in our area this week so will have a close look at our 6-bed HMO an look to increase it to a 7-bed if the valuation calculations can support the higher value in that area. I'm going to look at some commercial to resi deal along the south coast too. So once again thank you! Keep up the good work boys."

Tristam, 3-Day Next Level HMO® Workshop Attendee

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Mark & Will, 3-Day Next Level HMO® Workshop Attendee

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"I look forward to welcoming you on to the Next Level HMO Fast Track in July. There has never been a better time to level-up your portfolio and be ready for the opportunities out there."


Matt Baker

Co-Founder of The HMO Platform