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3 Days, 3 Hours, 30+ HMO Deals Guaranteed.

Sunday 21st - Tuesday 23rd January, 2024

19:30 - 21:00

There are over 10,000 HMO properties in the UK available RIGHT NOW!

You are one click away from motivated sellers with properties that are ideal to convert to high cash-flowing HMOs.

Join the HMO Hunt 3-day challenge and you will have 30 properties in 7 days in your chosen location. Matt will show you not only how to analyse the properties' potential but provide a structured follow-up process using his phone and email scripts so you too can engage with agents efficiently and get the viewings arranged asap!

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Sunday 21st - Tuesday 23rd January, 2024

19:30 - 21:00


Create your HMO property funnel

Discover how you can build a pipeline of 30+ properties in 7-days in your chosen location. You will be introduced to smart technology designed to streamline the process, saving hours in wasted desktop research.


Which deals have the potential?

Get the resources; with a structured follow-up process using Matt's phone and email scripts so attendees can engage with agents effectively and get viewings arranged asap on properties you know you want to offer on.


Which ones make it to offer stage?

Learn how to make money from properties: work out the property value, create your offer strategy and learn how you can monetise the deals by doing them, raising the finance to do them yourself or selling the deal to make between £5k-£15k.

BONUS: Ask Me Anything

This occurs one week after the start date to give you a chance to digest the information and put it into action.This Q&A session will enable you to ask Matt any burning questions that you've encountered one week on. Whether it's about building the confidence to speak to agents, what to look for when viewing a property or looking at an actual deal and how best to put an offer forward. Matt has you covered.

Here’s what the Bonus session will do for you: 

We will pick through your bookings and offers, and analyse areas you thought went well, and those that you need guidance to work on and refine.

We’ll also look at how to start monetising these deals whether you’re doing themself or looking to sell the opportunity on. 

Your last chance to ask Matt ANYTHING, live!

We want to ensure that you get the most out of the HMO Hunt Challenge and get you on the right track to sourcing effectively, so that can make hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Committed to Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Clients work with us for Several Reasons

  • They've done a host of training that hasn't given them the results they thought it would

  • They've become stuck and are finding it difficult to raise finance for their projects

  • They've got 'analysis paralysis' and have several locations but are struggling to hone in on just one

  • Ultimately, they want a sustainable and high-performing income from property: they want highly profitable HMOs!

The HMO Platform is designed for you to THRIVE

Jital Umeria

"They have offered the help, guidance and most importantly support for us to achieve our goals as a buisness. Our confidence and focus have developed 10 fold since joining The HMO platform. Could not recommend enough.”

Max Rayner

“The HMO Platform has given us the confidence to go for the bigger stuff. We're now doing 15 bedroom coliving spaces and the difference in spec's and standards compared to what we were doing before is astronomical."

Bahader Virdee

“The combined guidance from Matt and Niall has helped me invest outside of my comfort zone, something which I would never have considered or foreseen a year ago.”

Meet Matt Baker

Matt is a renowned HMO education leader and property investor, co-founding the award-winning Scott Baker Properties and The HMO Platform. His journey from struggling musician to successful investor is inspiring.

He authored the best-selling "Next Level Landlord," hosts the top-rated "Property Jam Podcast," and champions accessible UK property investment. Starting in 2015, Matt's customer-first strategy rapidly built a £5 million portfolio, revolutionizing HMO investment.

His Tenant First Method, requiring little personal capital, has guided hundreds in their property journey. Join Matt to transform your future in property investing.

Sunday 21st January, 2024

19:30 - 21:00

Delivered via Zoom.


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